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Collaborate Change is a catalyst for personal, organizational and community change.

When you connect with your inner power and work collaboratively with others, you do more than change your own life – you also change family circumstances, inspire children, change the organizations you are a part of, and partner effectively to make significant changes in your community.

Our work at Collaborate Change is grounded in the ways in which indigenous people honor each person’s unique gifts and collaborate to co-create a more beautiful and robust whole. Our work is also rooted in a coaching approach based on presence, deep listening, thought and growth-provoking questions, cultural awareness, healing and justice. We believe everyone matters. Everyone deserves dignity, respect and the ability to live and contribute fully and freely from their authentic identities and gifts.

At Collaborate Change, we support you to:

  • Ask and answer the big questions
  • Communicate effectively across cultural differences
  • Heal from the trauma of oppression in its many forms
  • Collaborate, co-create, and advocate for change on small and large scales
  • Live fully and authentically so you can share your unique gifts in meaningful ways.

We work with individual and organizational clients who want to make a difference. Through coaching, coaching skills training, consulting, and women’s healing and empowerment workshops, Collaborate Change helps individuals and groups communicate, collaborate and reconnect with their power to achieve the change they desire. Collaborate Change, founded by Sharon Y. Brown, partners with talented, culturally diverse colleagues.

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