Sharon_2014_photoSharon Y. Brown, CPC, PCC, MS

Collaborate Change Owner and Founder


Life coaching transformed my life! So I’m passionate about helping people experience the power of coaching.

Stories connect us so I want to share a bit of mine with you. I was drawn to my coach training program (Coaching for Transformation) in 2006 when my corporate job began feeling like clothing I’d outgrown. I knew there was something more I was meant to be doing, but I just couldn’t see it clearly at the time.

Like many women, I had experienced a number of life challenges: depression, low self-esteem, my dad’s death, my mom’s illnesses, relationship disappointments, and work challenges. I was struggling to hold down my job and also be the best possible mother, wife, and caregiver for my mom, despite the challenges.

I longed to live my life authentically and with passion and purpose! I wanted to discover, own and share my gifts fully. Coaching and yoga became my ongoing paths to awakening what lay dormant, and to action increasingly aligned with the things that were most important to me: spirituality, family, community, service, connection, collaboration, compassion, justice, simplicity, and creativity. I felt like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Learning coaching skills and experiencing the power of a coaching partnership supported my growth and enhanced each of my relationships. My spirituality, intuition, and connection with ancestral wisdom deepened. My desire to serve others grew. I began to see possibilities that were not even within my field of vision previously.

I began to care even more deeply about people and about challenges facing those in under-served communities. Communities like those I emerged from and still claim and serve. Coaching increased my ability to dream big and to believe I could achieve those dreams. I began to imagine:

  • What could be possible if people who step more fully into their individual, as well as collective power, become better equipped to co-create and advocate for changes that benefit children, families, organizations, and entire communities?
  • What’s possible for organizations and communities facing tough challenges when people learn coaching skills to help them communicate and collaborate more effectively – especially across cultural difference?

As I continue to bring more of my authentic self into my life and work, I contribute to bringing these dreams to life by:

  • Coaching individuals who want to live more authentically and share their gifts with the world. They are making powerful changes in their lives that ripple out!
  • Training and mentoring aspiring certified professional coaches and community coaches as a faculty member at Leadership that Works. Those certified coaches are supporting individuals, organizations and communities to achieve significant goals.
  • Teaching coaching skills to folks in organizations and communities. They are co-creating change that positively impacts family, workplace and community dynamics.
  • Embedding power, privilege, rank, race, and culture dynamics into all the trainings my colleagues and I co-lead. Participants leave equipped to use coaching skills to enhance cross cultural communication, connection and collaboration.
  • Using coaching skills informally in all of my relationships – personal, professional, community, and in everyday encounters. People feel seen, heard, valued and respected. Connections are energized.

Together, we co-create partnerships where co-learning and transformation happen. Each person touched and impacted, grows in their ability to pass it on to others. Lives change, relationships change. Families, organizations and communities change. Together we are making a difference. We’re collaborating change!

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I look forward to collaborating change with you!