Thank you for guiding me into a new life cycle and to the wild woman within me. These past few months have been transformative. I have become more aware of the power of my creativity and my ability for self-healing. I can now say I am running with the wolves once again. – B.G., New York

Sharon is an amazing coach! She helped me find new ways to explore my thoughts and feelings, and in doing so, brought out insights I would have never discovered on my own. Working with her has helped me to understand the underlying motivations of my goals and accelerated my progress. I strongly recommend her to any high-achiever who wants to push the envelope of success. – Edward Aldama, Arizona, author: The Success Habit Secret

I love working with you Sharon – as a project manager, training designer, writer, and co-facilitator, you bring a wide range of talents and you go above and beyond the original scope. I especially appreciate your development of the multicultural awareness chapter and training day. Can’t wait for our next project! – Martha L, Pennsylvania

My coaching experience with Sharon Brown has been an experience of expansion and freedom. It is my dream to express my life from the heart and to share this experience in my professional and personal life. I have been working with Sharon for the past three months with a goal of transitioning and empowering myself to step into my professional coaching practice. I have had a lot of fear and doubt about what it would take for me to actually have the resources to make it happen and Sharon has helped me to free myself of the shackles of my mind. I am now thinking Big and my vision looks Very Juicy and Real. I am now In Action in my life. I have two clients and moving towards a challenge Sharon has given me to identify two organizations to approach based on my vision to work with five non-profit organizations a week providing two hours of group coaching. What I like most about this process is, I don’t feel like I am being “structured” yet at the same time, I am aware that Sharon is present and always focused on supporting me to consciously move towards my goal in every session; Sharon is quite an artist and poet in that way. Sharon dances with grace and confidence in our coaching sessions and most of all; she is genuinely a beautiful and very caring Spirit. – Lisa B., California

Sharon is an amazing coach. The qualities she brings to coaching are: non-judgment (she creates a safe open forum for a person to say anything that comes up for them without fear of being poo pooed), deep caring, genuine curiosity and a respect for the inner wisdom that the person she is coaching possesses, also dead on intuition. She is able to create an unconditionally nonjudgmental and supportive space in which I am free to explore all aspects of who I am and to determine who I wish to become. Her deep caring and astute listening skills, coupled with her innate ability to lead me back to my heart and to attune to what it is trying to express to me, make her an extremely effective coach and have allowed me to achieve quantum leaps in terms of my personal growth. My initial intention was to work with Sharon regarding a career change and financial issues, but this coaching experience has become so much more than that for me. Sharon’s deep caring and genuine curiosity about who I am and what my deepest desires are have allowed me to get to know and accept myself on a much deeper level than ever before. Her support, spiritual depth and respect for what is important to me have given me confidence to trust that my instincts and inner voice will always guide me in the right direction. I am grateful for all that I have achieved while working with Sharon thus far and I look forward to all that we will achieve working together in the future. I am forever in her debt. – Lynne R., New Jersey