Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization


Coaching skills training is part of an exciting new trend in organizations where coaching becomes more than just a tool for leadership development. Instead the skills become tools that empower people throughout the organization creating a coaching culture. Collaborate Change conducts experiential workshops that support teams in learning basic coaching skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Consider what’s possible when your team learns to add simple coaching skills to their existing expertise.  They:

  • Become more engaged and focused on possibilities rather than problems
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Build trust and improve team dynamics
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Learn to support each other and customers in gaining insight and taking action
  • Take an active role in co-creating conditions to make the workplace and partnerships more productive.
Who can benefit?
  • Nonprofit leaders and staff
  • Corporate teams
  • Government agencies
  • Teachers and school administrators
  • Family leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Funders
  • Community collaboratives

The investment in coaching skills training builds assets and supports team members in building relationships, taking initiative, and making effective decisions rather than just putting out fires. Additionally, coaching skills training builds capacity of social service providers, teachers and community leaders who then use coaching skills with their clients, students and other collaboration partners – providing a new model of service, communication and collaboration.

How do we help?

To support you in creating a coaching culture in your organization or community, Sharon Y. Brown and her collaboration partners:

  • Partner with you to do a needs assessment and establish objectives, scope and timeline for the training
  • Conduct interviews with identified staff members in preparation for workshop development
  • Custom design and deliver experiential workshop(s) to facilitate coaching skill integration and support achievement of defined learning and process objectives
  • Provide individual and/or group coaching to team members or managers if desired
  • Provide periodic assessments of progress towards goals
  • Document outcomes at the end of the training program
  • If desired, support teams in clarifying and defining vision, mission, short & long-term goals, roles/responsibilities, team agreements, and processes
  • Support teams in building trust, communicating honestly and openly, providing effective feedback, fostering individual and mutual accountability, and effectively resolving conflicts
  • Provide post-workshop assessments and follow-up support

Next steps: Schedule a free consultation to learn more about creating a coaching culture in your organization.