Individual Life Coaching


  • Gaining clarity about what you really want and creating action steps to achieve it
  • Being authentic, powerful and confident in personal and professional relationships
  • Creating balance in your life so there’s more time for what you value most
  • Overcoming challenges, obstacles and behaviors that get in the way
  • Being supported, encouraged and challenged to turn your vision into reality

That’s the power of coaching! In our Collaborate Change one-to-one life coaching, you take charge of creating the future you want, and you learn to:

  • Listen for and trust your inner wisdom
  • Set and achieve goals that excite you
  • Deal with inner and outer critics and other challenges
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively

Coaching is completely confidential! Your coach, Sharon, listens deeply, asks empowering questions, and reflects back the essence of what you share to support you in clarifying thoughts and feelings, gaining insight and taking action. Coaching focuses on your strengths and possibilities and calls forth your inner power, wisdom and determination. When you step into your power, your life changes AND you impact the lives of others in your family, workplace and community!

Are you curious about how coaching can support you in creating changes you want in your life? If so, in just 30 minutes you can experience the power of coaching!

Contact Sharon to learn more and to schedule your free session today!