Group Workshops

We’re all familiar with the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The question is: how do we engage, empower and support the “village” (or community) so we can collaborate, co-create and advocate for change that improves the outcomes for youth and adults?   One way we contribute is through coaching skills training through a social justice lens.

At Collaborate Change, we design and facilitate engaging, empowering, experiential workshops for community groups that:

  • Catalyze insight, action and transformation
  • Support people to communicate and build trust across cultural difference
  • Increase awareness of patterns and behaviors that interfere with goal achievement
  • Explore dynamics at personal, interpersonal, cultural and systems levels that interfere with peoples’ ability to thrive
  • Provide insight into ways to deal with challenges, set-backs, obstacles and fear
  • Help participants chart a path to achieve group and community goals
  • Provide opportunities to learn the skills through practice in the workshops.

Workshops can be custom-designed for your organization.

Coach Sharon typically conducts the workshops at churches and community centers.  For more information or to discuss workshops for your group or community, contact Sharon.